be7e03bd-7dbe-48ca-b58f-95f62cdc02cdFor my one word for my rock, I chose strength. Strength is something I find myself struggling with a lot and I find that I need more of. I hope when someone finds my rock, they will be reminded to have the strength to keep going.

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My Thanksgiving this year was really great! My sister and my nieces got to come home and we spent the whole weekend together. For Thanksgiving day we went to my grandmas and my dad’s house. We had lots of good food and a lot of fun!happy-thanksgiving-1842911_1920.png

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This summer I went to California, Arizona, and Florida. It was so amazing to see God’s creations and see his beauty. It was my first time going to Arizona and California and I loved it. I can not wait to go again! I have been to Florida multiple times, but I’m still looking forward to going back! Here is a picture I took in Florida. Image-1.jpg